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Introducing the only grout material engineered and manufactured in the USA by a industry professional

  • Sealing and grouting of plastic ground source heat loops

  • Sealing and grouting of annular spaces in wells and bore heads

  • Creation of low permeability, low shrinkage seal to prevent down-hole cross-contamination of aquifers

  • Prevent entry of surface water into boreholes


Conforms with ASTM C91 and Federal SS-C-1960/1 specifications for masonry cement in effect at time of shipment. Conforms with ASTMvC270 for type N, S, or M mortar when mixed with C144 sand for masonary mortar. 


Well Grout Powder:

Black/grey powder, free-flowing

Specific Gravity: 2.596

Bulk Density: 2.380

Particle Size (max): 1.18mm

Moisture: <0.5%

Well Grout Mixed:

Grout Density: 40-50lb/ft3

Thermal Conductivity (K) Value: 0.77*

Comprehensive Strength: Min. 400 psi

Permeability: 3x10-7

*When mixed per data sheet instructions


No other warranty of any kind, whether of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, is made in respect, thereof, seller, having no control over the use of the cement, will not guarantee finished work, nor shall seller be responsible for the condition of the cement after delivery to buyer. 


Proportions based on mixing instructions of (K) value: 0.77

Weight of Well Grout: 75lbs

Water per 75lb bag: 5 gallons

Yield: 6.75 gallons

Mix one 75lb bag with 5 gallons of water 


Proporciones basadas en las instrucciones de mezcla del valor (K): 0:77

Peso de Well Grout TM: 75lb

Agua por bolsa de 75 il: 5 galones

Rendimiento: 6.75 galones

Mezcle una bolsa de 75lb con 5 galones de agua. 

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